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A man who has the word "Satan" tattooed on his face has been charged with murdering his friend in woodland.

splendyrblogs.netDavid Adam Pate is accused of killing Rickey James, 33, in woods before hiding his body.

Detectives were called to the woodland after a group of children playing found a "badly decomposed" corpse.

On Friday, Pate was charged with murdering his friend.

In his police mugshot, the 24-year-old;s face can be seen with a number of distinctive tattoos. The most striking shows the words 'SATAN' above one eye.

He also sticks out his tongue, which is forked after it was

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A woman was mauled by a "pit bull" which attacked her after killing her pet dog.

The victim was with her pet in Victoria Park, Cardiff when the dog launched its savage attack.

The crazed animal killed her own pet dog before it turned on the woman, causing serious injuries to her forearms.

Paramedics rushed the injured woman to hospital after the attack at 2:38pm yesterday .

Horror: The brutal attack took place in Victoria Park, Cardiff Google Street View

web pagePolice officers seized the dog responsible but its owner is yet to be identified.

The dog is described as being

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A dozy British backpacker sparked a huge police hunt in Australia after leaving his belongings at a notorious suicide spot - while he partied the night away with a couple of girls.

Joe Stuttle, 19, left his bike and a bag containing his passport chained to a fence during a gap year tour of Tasmania.

The student then went to a nearby town to watch the Christmas lights get switched on. There he met two girls and went drinking with them before they invited him back to their home last Friday.

http://splendyrblogs.net/But when he returned to Launceston Gorge the next

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The doctor arrested by police probing Jimmy Saviles sordid past was once praised by Princess Diana for his work with sick children.

splendyrblogs.net/Retired consultant paediatrician Michael Salmon was today charged with rape and four indecent assaults on girls aged under 18.

The 78-year-old is alleged to have abused youngsters in hospitals around Aylesbury, Bucks, including Stoke Mandeville where serial pervert Savile targeted patients for sex attacks during his time as a fundraiser there.

Dr Salmon worked at Stoke ­Mandeville in the 80s.

He was hailed by Diana for organising a 1987 trip to Disney World in Florida for 300 disabled

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A female serial killer stunned a court today by admitted she murdered three men before dumping their bodies in remote ditches.

http://splendyrblogs.net/Joanna Dennehy pleaded guilty to killing Kevin Lee, 48, Lukasz Slaboszewski, 31, and John Chapman, 56, who were found with multiple stab wounds between March and April.

The 30-year-old from Peterborough also admitted to the attempted murders of another two men, Robin Bereza and John Rogers.

Appearing in the dock in a white shirt with a star tattooed under her right eye, Dennehy told the judge, Mr Justice Sweeney: "I've pleaded guilty, and that's that."

Her barrister, Nigel Lickley

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David Cameron was hailed a god as he was mobbed by relatives of Sri Lankan war victims.

The PM faced emotional scenes after becoming the first world leader in almost 70 years to visit the islands conflict-ravaged north.

He and his entourage were surrounded by distraught family members waving pictures of lost loved ones.

They claimed his visit was like a divine intervention which had given them new hope.

And they begged him to help them find out what happened to their sons and husbands who had disappeared after 26 years of bloody civil war between Tamil Tiger rebels and

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The bizarre death of MI6 codebreaker Gareth Williams has baffled investigators for more than three years.

http://splendyrblogs.net/The 31-year-old maths genius was found inside a padlocked sports holdall in a bath at a Central London safehouse in August 2010.

It is believed he had been dead for more than a week.

And yesterday it was claimed that his grieving parents, Ian and Ellen, have been prevented from finding out the truth about how he died.

The familys lawyer, Anthony OToole, revealed that he was banned from grilling an MI6 agent during the original inquest last year.

He said he was prevented

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